What Type of Women Sagittarius Men Like

Sagittarius Men are optimistic, ambitious and crowd pullers. They trust people easily because of their fun loving and friendly nature. In the process, they get hurt. But these men are blessed with exceptional luck too. This attribute coupled with their open heartiness charm women towards these men. This article tries to understand the type of women Sagittarius men like.

Sagittarius Men are:

  • Straightforward and direct with his frank opinions.
  • They are free spirited individuals. Commitments mean restrictions and this idea disturbs the men of this sun sign.
  • These men have a strange combination of honesty and confusion with their feelings.
  • In matters of commitment, they need time and enough sense of space.

Women apt for Sagittarius Men should be:

  • Fun loving and should appreciate the significance of freedom and space.
  • They should be intelligent, less emotional and social people like Sagittarius Men.
  • Though it is hard to impress the men of this sun sign with external appearances, charm of the lady will be an added grace.
  • The partner should quickly grasp the high ambitions present in this man and according provide support, enthusiasm and encouragement.
  • A Sagittarius Man will appreciate if a woman is wise enough to send him the signs of marriage proposal.
  • After the marriage the woman should never doubt the honesty and integrity her husband. The result will be a very nasty display of Sagittarius man temper.
  • A woman who can equally love him and her children will be provided with an independent personal life, helpful spouse and responsible father to her kids.
  • Since Gemini women come close to possessing these qualities, they are the most compatible with the Sagittarius men.

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