What Type of Men Scorpio Women Like

Scorpio Women are Vivacious, intense and determined ladies. It is only after successfully achieving her ambitions in life that a Scorpio Woman thinks about romance and relationships. Till then she is contended with the fact that she can impress any man on this planet with her charm and persona. This article tries to understand the type of men Scorpio women like.

Scorpio Women are:

  • Independent, Intelligent and driven with a sense of purpose in life.
  • Their emotions are deep and strong.
  • They carefully choose their partner after knowing what they want from their men.
  • The quality of intutition allow these women to be fairly successful in choosing their worthy spouse.

Men apt for Scorpio Women should be:

  • Emotional, composed, patient, able and lucky.
  • Scorpio women have very bad temper. Under the spell of such intense emotions, they abuse the opponent in unintended ways.
  • The man in a scorpio woman’s life should be wise enough to curb his share of opinions, emotions, and ego in such tense moments.
  • An able partner to a scorpio woman would appreciate the fact that his lady is a person in her own right and her deep sense of strong identity is as precious to her as her life itself.
  • He should treat her like a friend first. Such gesture will win this extremely beautiful lady’s heart.
  • After getting appropriate and adequate assurances, a scorpio woman will be completely ready to give her heart and soul for such a worthy partner.
  • Men who do not accept these terms and conditions are left on the roadsides to make catcalls, once this lady passes by.
  • A Scorpio woman is an honor for a man, and he should be honourable to achieve one.
  • Since Pisces men come close to possessing the above mentioned qualities, they are the most compatible men with the women of this sun sign.

1 response to What Type of Men Scorpio Women Like

  1. I think the best partner for a Scorpio is a Capricorn apart from Pisces. Capricorn is level headed though not emotionally deep. They can really keep a Scorpio’s temper in check. Cancer and Pisces can easily get hurt by Scorpio’s harsh words. Scorpio-Scorpio too can work out as long as both are willing to bow down a bit to each other especially during heated arguments. A Scorpio is the only person who truly understands and appreciates another Scorpio.