What type of Women Leo Men Like

Leo Men are proud, emotional and successful social beings. Love is precious to them. They take time to realize this completely. But after that realization, the women they choose as their potential life partner becomes the most precious asset of these men for life. Marriage is the next obvious thing to happen then. This article tries to understand the type of women Leo men like.

Leo Men are:

  • Authoritative, fun loving and kind people.
  • Beneath the hard core masculine traits of these men, exists an innocent child requiring constant showering of love and attention.
  • These men would never show their weaknesses of heart but pray for a women who can handle their delicate emotions with grace and undivided attention all their lives.
  • Once these basic expectations are met, the leo males now desire of a partner who is as dynamic and popular among people as he is.
  • A complete family man and a real friend, these men expect their partner to a hit among his near and dear ones too.

Women apt for Leo Men should be:

  • A woman should be blessed in the first place to be the chosen as the queen of a Leo men’s heart.
  • Now all she needs to enjoy this royal treatment is be a strong support to this honest and hardworking man.
  • A beautiful, graceful and intelligent woman adept at handling people and money is an instant hit.
  • Appreciation for traditional values, willing allowing been dominated at home and fun loving nature while partying in a women can win the Leo men’s heart.
  • A Libra woman is one such lady who comes close to possessing these qualities and that is why Libra women are considered the most compatible with the Leo men.

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  2. I read the second to last trait and have been called all of these 3 things all my life. No wonder my leo fell for me like he did.

  3. [Awesome|Great|Amazing] post, I really learned a lot.