What Type of Men Cancer Women Like

Cancer Women are Emotional, Moody and Intuitive. A Cancerian Women can be a bubbly energetic individual or an irritating and brooding person. Either of these states are related to the Emotions of her life. This article tries to understand the type of men Cancer women like.

Cancer Women are:

  • She is an individual who is extremely sentimental and attached to her possessions.
  • The possessions can include the wrapper of the first chocolate she had in her life to her darling spouse.
  • All she needs to survive any known brutality of life with a smile is an emotionally contended life.
  • She requires people around her who can at times put up her mood swings and emotional excess.
  • The returns are plentiful of fun frolic and laughter 24*7 in her presence.

Men apt for Cancer Women should be:

  • The man should be physically and mentally tough, but with a soft, tender and emotional heart.
  • He should be adept at handling emotions and logic well.
  • Living up to the emotional expectations of the Cancerian women requires a natural ability to deal with emotions well.
  • These women are least interested in reasons and logic.
  • To bring in the dose of sanity in the relationship, the man should be practical enough.
  • These women are quite capable of intuitively understanding the needs of their partner.
  • Responses returned in the similar manner are well appreciated and remembered.
  • Since Scorpio Men come close to possessing these qualities, they are most compatible with the women of this sun sign.

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