What type of Women Gemini Men like

Gemini Men are “three, may be four personalities encapsulated in a single being.” They are intelligent, flirtatious and youthful people. They prefer women who are lively and fun loving. This article tries to understand the type of women Gemini men like.

Gemini Men are:

  • Popular and liked by the females. They know how to use words well.
  • Their versatility and knowledge in many subjects make them impressive before the women.
  • These men love to flirt with women and be surrounded by them.
  • They always are curious to know more about the women with whom they interact.
  • Light hearted jokes, intellectual and witty conversations can be expected from these people.
  • Freedom and change are next to oxygen to these people.
  • Traditions, customs and monotonous life style mean death to these free spirited and curious individuals.
  • Once committed, they are loyal and responsible to their partner.
  • Life is filled with fun, frolic and laughter with these individuals.

Women apt for Gemini Men should be:

  • Quick witted, social and charming.
  • Certain amount on enigma in the personality, will always keep these men engaged in knowing their partner.
  • Jealousy, possessiveness and sentimentality should not be present.
  • Deep knowledge or expertise in a field of knowledge can quickly catch the attention of these men.
  • They should be prepared to forget and forgive these individuals for their past affairs.
  • Women with expensive and expansive tastes, appreciation for beauty are liked by these men.
  • These women should understand that attractive and charming people always get attention.
  • Since Libra women come close to the above mentioned qualities, they are most compatible with these men.

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