Dhanishta Nakshatra -Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Dhanishta nakshatra (birth star constellations), you are categorized either under Capricorn or Aquarius zodiac sign. If you are born in 1st or 2nd Pada of Dhanishta nakshatra, you are a Capricornian. If you are born in 3rd or 4th Pada of Dhanishta birth star, you are a native of Aquarius. Your horoscope indicates following personality and characters.

Physical Features :

Your sharp and bright looks make others to imitate your charming style. You are the most charming person in your family. You can become a role model or icon for your next generation people.

Character :

Dhanishta nakshatra is also known as A?ai??i??E?Star of Symphony’. You are associated with a lot of wealthAi??Ai?? and property management. You are known for your personality with diverse interests. You are considered as an all-rounder and you want to learn new things. You are a very intelligent person.

Your strategic planning in life keeps you up to the mark every minute. You can meet others’ expectations with a sure and single shot. You can be materialistic and fond of fame and recognition in society.

You like traveling a lot. You keep on changing jobs from one place to another. You have to avoid taking hasty decisions. Generally you will be one of the toughest opponents in terms of intellectual discussions. You like music and dance.

Education and Profession :

Your attitude of A?ai??i??E?meeting others’ expectations’ keeps you on track of education with purposeful achievements. You can pursue high level of education. Some obstacles are noticed in Dhanishta natives, but you can overcome them with a strong will power and the support of your family and friends.

You can be a good manager. Some of you can become good entrepreneurs. You like to be a boss rather than an employee in an organization. Good leadership skills make you a perfect boss. Avoid taking hasty decisions in your professional side.

Careers Ideally Suited For You :

As you are always willing to learn, scientific research is the most suitable career option for you. As you like to be a boss rather than an employee, you can start your own business. You can become a good entrepreneur.

Computers, Philosophy and Medicine are other suitable career options for you. As you areAi??Ai?? hardworking, you can opt agriculture as career.

Family Life :

You will enjoy your childhood. Some of you may not enjoy your married life. Late marriage is noticed. Your horoscope indicates some family disputes in your middle age.

Health Problems :

Some of you may suffer from diseases like Anemia. Regular cough and cold are noticed. Heart disorders, joint pains and leg injuries are also noticed in Dhanishta natives.

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