Uttarashada Nakshatra -Birth Star Predictions

If you are born in Uttarashada nakshatra (birth star constellation), then you are categorized either under Sagittarius or Capricorn zodiac sign. If you are born in 1st Pada of Uttarashada nakshatra, you are a Sagittarian and if you are born in 2nd or 3rd or 4th Padas of Uttarashada nakshatra, you are a Capricornian. Your horoscope indicates the following personality and characters.

Physical Features :

Usually, most of you have a lean and tall body structure. Some of you are fair and attractive. Even if some of you are not charming with your physical appearance, you can attract people with your strong communication skills.

Character :

Most of you are soft persons. You are enduring, invincible and patient in your nature. You mayAi??Ai?? strongly believe that your views, ideas and opinions are right and you may fight for your thoughts. You are known for your high integrity. You are righteous and most responsible person. You may have a generous and humanitarian attitude. You are sincere and sometimes that may be one of your negative points.

If you have interest on doing a work, then you become workaholic and extremely persistent. If you loose interest on that particular work then you become very lazy. Every emotion of you depends on your state of mind at that moment of time.

You may have a quest for spiritual information. You are popular for your leadership skills and managing abilities. You are a peace-lover.

Education and Profession :

As you are hardworking and committed towards your studies, you may successfully completeAi??Ai?? your higher studies such as Master or Bachelor Degrees. You will not satisfy with your level of study as you are more interested to learn.

You can become a good team member and an efficient worker. Your horoscope indicates that you may face some hurdles at workplace. There is good scope for you to become a high level officer in your organization.

Careers Ideally Suited For You :

As you are a good learner, you may have a good career in research field. Mining is one od the best career options for you. Teaching and psychology are other best options for you. As you are able to think better and you are research minded, Intellectual property management, banking and publishing are other career options.

As you are fond of fine Arts such as music and dance, you may opt a career in stage performing.

Family Life :

Even if you get married after 30 years of age, you will enjoy a youthful married life. Some obstacles are noticed in the lives of Uttara Ashada nakshatra’s natives.

Health Problems :

You could suffer from stomach and other digestive disorders. Eye problems and skin diseases may trouble you.

36 responses to Uttarashada Nakshatra -Birth Star Predictions

  1. My name is Rupa Shankar.I have been married for the past 1 year and planning for a baby with no positive results.My birth date is 28th October 1979(Timing-08:15am-Sunday).Rasi-Makara and Star is Uttarashada.Can you pls let me know when i will get pregnant?

  2. I was delighted to read the characters for Uttarashada, which are very identical and similar to my nature. I am born 12th July 1957 at Shimoga around 1850 hours. Can u tell me which line of business is well suited to me in the long run and that profession which fetches me good returns. thanks for your advice.

  3. i have just read about the Uttarashada Nakshatra.and its almost similar to ma nature ..thnx a lot :) ,but i wud love to knw about ma future.can u temme me that plz….
    ma d.o.b is 24th january1982


  4. my date of birth is 13/12/86 tell me about my future

  5. my star uttarashad,i want to know any grahanadoshas to my star on surya grahana

  6. my date of birth is 24/11;1979,9a.m,i want to know my future.

  7. hello my name is nanditha and my date of birth is 22/12/1987 my rashi is makara nad nakshatra is uttrashada and i have done B.E,please tell me when i will get job and when i will get married?hows my married life?is it a love or arranged?please be kind to reply

  8. Hi, My date of birth is 27/07/1980, born with Cancer lagna 16 deg 37 min, currently reside in a place where I have Scorpio Lagna 0 deg 17 min.
    Could you please tell me what the best career is for me and where I can succeed financially.

  9. i am capricorn date 6- nov -1978 in uttashada nakshatra .i am facing marriage problem i think its with us as curse even though i am from reputed family,qualified,smart,have own business
    i can become a sage if i wont marry her
    any budy help me out

  10. i am sagittarian…date of birth is 14th dec 1985..i belong to utharashada nakshatram…i am facing some severe health problems..can u help me to know abt my future and some suggestions if u can please

  11. hello, date of birth is 24-nov-1986 any useful tips and advise please would be really great.

  12. is time of birth needede?

  13. Hi,

    My name is T.Vinothkumar and i was born on 27-07-1980 around 7:00 AM. kindly suggest me if my name is good for my feature because i am suffering soo much.

    look forward you suggestion as possible.


  14. now a days im not feeling peace in my life. but my husband loves me so much. whats the problem im not getting. some times i feel to comit suicide.

  15. i am capricorn date 6- Aug -1979(23:50pm) in uttashada nakshatra .i am sufaring job probelam & mariage
    help me out

  16. my date of birth 06.08.1979 11:50Pm. my future

  17. hi i am not able to conceive for my second baby, my bod is august3 1982,my rasi is makara and nakashtra is uttarada,plz tell me will have second child

  18. Hello,

    My DOB is 11th feb 1983 and my rashi is makara and nakashtra is uttarada nakashtra, time is 5:30 AM.
    I am facing problem in job and health. Please help me when i will be out of my problem

  19. I am not sure about my birth timing, Please advice me how can i get my future prediction 10 nov 1983 (between 1 pm- 3 pm)

  20. my dob 10071979 time 5:40pm makara uthiradam place bangalore
    pls tell me about my career. i am searching for job

  21. hi,
    my dob is 10/7/79, 22:30 , place – bhandara, please tell me about my future, career, marriage and employment.

    Thank you

  22. My name is Vinesh.C My date of birth is 2nd may 1987,i like to know about my future& studies,marriage?

  23. hi,

    my name is goutham shanbhag. my date of birth is 29/2/1992. satarday at 11:45 A.M in sagar city in shimoga district. my rashi is Dhanassu(sagittarious.

    am intrested in learning astrology. bt am not getting any teacher to learn efficiently.. so please tell me cn i learn or not?

  24. i am read above matter is true

  25. i born at 24th january 1981 6.20am what is my horoscope detail-star, rassi, lagna,zodiac sign, my positive and negative side and my future

  26. i born on 24th jan 1981 at 12.40 pm.urgently want to know about career development and stable job opportunity.apart from that married life and over all future life

  27. born on 13/04/1966 at 5.45 am on wednesday(Uttaradam, makara rashi) . Iam unemployed now and trying to do business. there are lots of hurdles. Will I get sa job or flourish in business.
    My wife’s dob is 31/07/1972( Revathi, Meena rashi) – house wife.

  28. woever wrote this article .. is shallow and useless. please stop copying from other sites and pasting random crap. myself, is utharashadha 30+ yrs age and divorced. No, wont ask you abt my future… :) and thanks for nothing.

  29. my name is shaik.riyaz i born on october 19th , 1988…
    at morning 03:00 am… can tell me fututure forecast…

  30. my name is chethna i born in aug 8 1987. can tell me about future, marriege, lefpertrner? i am facing skin problem in face?

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  32. The write ups have started out at an amazing standard! Early days, but this driver definitely seems to be winning some favour! Looking forward to following along and finding out how it transpires…..

  33. my date of birth is 7 february 1986 . please tell me about my relation ships and marriage

  34. which is the Nidhana Thara for uttarashada nakshatra. My Health is not good & My jobs are also spread into very short spans why? please give predictions.
    My Date of Birth :19.061954
    My place of Birth:kadapa (Andhra Pradesh)
    My Time of Birth :4.20 a.m.
    Thithi :itwas’Jesta BahulaThadiya’
    Day : Sunday

  35. which is the Nidhana Thara for uttarashada nakshatra. My Health is not good & My jobs are also spread into very short spans why? please give predictions.
    My Date of Birth :19.061954
    My place of Birth:kadapa (Andhra Pradesh)
    My Time of Birth :4.20 a.m.
    Thithi :itwas’Jesta BahulaThadiya’
    Day : Sunday

  36. I was born on Feb 15, 1977 at 8:45 pm, Tuesday evening in Africa and my nakshatra is Uttarashada, 3rd pada. I am currently experiencing some health issues with my legs which started a couple of years ago. Not sure if this is planetary influence. I used to be a very energetic and healthy person. Your thoughts would be appreciated.